Thought for the Week

September 6th

September is a time for new beginnings, especially for those starting or going back to school.  I fondly remember the pleasure of having all those new exercise books and the promises I made to myself to keep them beautiful.  As the year went on, they would become more ragged at the edges.  There would be the odd blot and much crossing out and red pen!  Very soon All Saints will be joined by a new member of the team, a Children and Families worker who we hope will make connections with families, particularly those with children up to age 11.  This is a chance for a new chapter in parish life – and a new chapter for those she meets and works alongside.  With any new venture, there will be projects that work really well and others which don’t catch on and that’s fine.  Helping children to discover their own spiritual depths along with their parents will be challenging and rewarding as well.  Look out for all the new things happening in the parish of Hale Barns with Ringway.